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We reduce the amount of plastic wastage in the environment by using it to produce the raw materials needed by the industry.


Using as raw material previously used plastics we produce clean chips that will go back to the market as new bottles, cars or clothes for you to use.


One of our recycling lines can process up to 3 tonnes per day, which means over 1,000 tonnes less of plastic in the environment each year.

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3R TECHNOLOGY UK is a recycling company based in Preston, Lancashire, UK. Our company is a leader in waste management, with recycling plants in England, Serbia and Taiwan, and projects worldwide.

We are partners with UNI TECHNOLOGY UK, which produces a state of the art recycling lines that we export all over the world.

Our recycling lines can process different kinds of plastic wastage and produce recycled material according to the specifications you may need.

Whether you are looking for a company to take care of your plastic wastage or to buy recycled raw materials, contact us and our team will find the best way to fulfill all your requirements.

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Making business

We at 3R Technology UK are in the plastic recycling business, which means we buy plastic wastage, process it, and sell the resulting product to other companies that use it for producing new goods.

It doesn´t matter which side of the business your company is, we are here for you. If you are selling plastic wastage from your own or other companies, contact us, and one of our experts will value your offer and arrange transport to one of our processing plants around the world.

If you are looking for that specific recycled plastic for your products, we can produce it for you. Let us know the exact specifications you need and we will produce it in the amount you need and on time for your production to never stop.


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Unit 21-22 Roman Way, Longridge Road, Preston, Lancashire,

United Kingdom, PR2 5BB


We at 3R Technology UK process different kinds of plastics. You just have to call us and tell us what kind of plastic you need to recycle, we will guide you through the process, evaluating your wastage and arrange the collection and shipping to our premises in UK or other of our plants in the world.


PET: is mostly recycled out of water bottles. Once precessed, the PET flakes can be used to produce different products such as clothing, carpets, etc.


PE: is flexible an extremely resistant material, hence it is used for bags, ropes, labels, banknotes, etc. Recycled PP is used for food containers, bins, industrial fibers, etc.


HDPE: High-Density Polyethylene uses are, among other, pipes, tanks, trays, etc. It is one of the easiest plastic products to recycle, and once processed it can be used in toys, ropes, cans, etc.


LDPE: Low-Density Polyethylene can be found in packaging, work surfaces, six-pack rings, etc. After processed, LDPE is mostly used for textile products as carpets and clothing.


PP: Polypropylene is used in packaging, like shampoo bottles, this is a short lifespan product which one of the lowest recycling percentages among plastics. Recycled PP can be used in the production of carpets.



Unit 21-22 Roman Way, Longridge Road, Preston, Lancashire,

United Kingdom, PR2 5BB

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